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  1. What Army Field Manual covers Camouflage, Concealment, and Decoys ?
  2. Is each Soldier responsible for Camouflaging and Concealing themselves and their equipment ?
  3. The primary goal of CCD is to avoid enemy detection. What seven rules are critical when considering how to avoid detection or identification ?
  4. Any change in an existing terrain pattern will indicate the presence of activity. Terrain patterns have distinctive characteristics that are necessary to preserve. What are the 5 general terrain patterns ?
  5. What is decoying ?
  6. The LCSS is the standard Army camouflage net currently available, What do the stainless steel fibers in the LCSS do ?
  7. The radar-scattering capabilities of the LCSS are effective only if there is how much space between the LCSS and the camouflaged equipment and if the LCSS completely covers the equipment ?
  8. When using natural materials to camouflage it is important to what ?
  9. There are two types of cover and concealment. What are the two types ?
  10. When do you camouflage a fighting position ?
  11. What is cover ?
  12. What is concealment ?
  13. What do you do with the excess dirt when digging a fighting position ?
  14. One of the key factors of good camouflage is blending. What is blending ?
  15. Give several examples of natural materials, which can be used to camouflage both you and your equipment.
  16. How often should you change the camouflage when using natural material ?
  17. How do you camouflage your clothes and LBE ?
  18. After camouflaging your position what should you do ?
  19. What do you do with tracks that lead into your position ?
  20. Where should live foliage be gathered ?
  21. What are two types of cover ?
  22. What are some examples of Natural cover ?
  23. What are some examples of Man-made cover ?
  24. Give some examples of natural concealment ?

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