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Total Questions:

  1. What Army Regulation (AR) covers the Code Of Conduct ?
  2. If you were to become a prisoner of war (POW), what information would you be required to give ?
  3. Which article of the Code pertains to escape and evasion ?
  4. When was the COC Amended ?
  5. How many articles are in the COC ?
  6. What is the first sentence Article 1 ?
  7. What should prisoners be searched for ?
  8. Does the COC apply to soldiers held by terrorists during peacetime ?
  9. What is the main purpose of the Geneva Convention ?
  10. Under the Geneva Convention rules, can a person worship as he pleases ?
  11. What document supports the COC ?
  12. What does SERE stand for ?
  13. What Army Regulation (AR) covers chain of command, authority and responsibility?

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