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  1. Even though desert terrain varies considerably from place to place, there is one common feature of all deserts. What is that common feature ?
  2. Successful desert operations require adaptation to what ?
  3. What is the basic definition of a desert?
  4. What are the three types of desert terrain ?
  5. Describe mountain deserts.
  6. Describe Rocky Plateau Deserts:
  7. Describe Sandy or Dune Deserts:
  8. What is the highest known ambient temperature recorded in a desert ?
  9. What is the most important single characteristic of the desert ?
  10. Name some snakes common to deserts:
  11. Lack of natural concealment has been known to induce what fear in some troops ?
  12. In a desert environment, it is important that unit leaders monitor their troops carefully for signs of heat distress and adjust what ?
  13. A lack of alertness can indicate early stages of what ?
  14. Chronic dehydration increases the incidence of what several medical problems ?
  15. At the first evidence of heat illness, what should the troops do ?
  16. Contact lenses are very difficult to maintain in the dry dusty environment of the desert and should not be worn except by military personnel operating in what ?
  17. Maintaining safe, clean, water supplies is critical. The best containers for small quantities of water (5 gallons) are plastic water cans or coolers. How long does water last in both plastic and metal containers ?
  18. If water trailers are kept cool, how long is the water considered fresh and safe to drink ?
  19. If ice is placed into a water trailer to keep it cool, what should happen prior to moving the trailer to prevent damage to the inside lining of the water trailer ?
  20. What is a use of water that is not fit to drink but is not otherwise dangerous (it may be merely oversalinated) ?
  21. When carrying your water supply during a mission, how should the water containers be stored ?
  22. What is the best indicator of proper hydration ?
  23. All unit leaders must understand the critical importance of maintaining the proper hydration status. Almost any contingency of military operations will act to interfere with the maintenance of hydration. What are the considerations for proper hydration during desert operations ?
  24. Gaseous drinks such as sodas, beer, and milk are not good substitutes for water because of what ?
  25. Diseases common to the desert include ?
  26. Most diarrheal diseases result from ingestion of water or food contaminated with what ?
  27. What are the ten characteristics of the desert environment which may adversely affect equipment used in the desert ?
  28. What is the major problem with radios in a desert environment ?
  29. What are some steps that may be taken to reduce the heat effects on radio equipment ?

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