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Total Questions:

  1. What is the water requirement per person, per day in a temperate zone ?
  2. A latrine can be no closer than what distance to a water source ?
  3. What is Potable water ?
  4. What are the measurements of a straddle trench ?
  5. How many gallons of water will a Lister bag hold ?
  6. How deep is a cat hole ?
  7. What is a communicable disease ?
  8. What are the 5 "F"s of Field Sanitation ?
  9. What is the best protection against disease or biological warfare ?
  10. What Field Manual covers Unit Field Sanitation Team ?
  11. What Field Manual covers Field Hygiene and Sanitation ?
  12. What is Field Sanitation ?
  13. What is a vector ?
  14. What is palatable water ?
  15. What are the 5 communicable disease grouped by the Army ?
  16. What are some diseases carried by the fly ?
  17. What 3 rules apply to water discipline in the field ?
  18. What are the three most common poison plants ?
  19. Where should the latrine be located in relation to the mess hall ?
  20. What are some of the diseases carried by the mosquito ?
  21. What are some methods for human waste disposal ?
  22. How far should garbage pits be located away from the mess area ?
  23. Enough straddle trenches should be dug to accommodate what percentage of the unit at one time ?
  24. Water that is not properly treated can spread what diseases ?
  25. What are two ways to purify water ?
  26. Who gives the final approval on whether water is safe to drink ?

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