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Total Questions:

  1. What two types of orders can a guard receive?
  2. What are you normally responsible for at your guard post?
  3. What is deadly force?
  4. What specifies the time for challenging?
  5. Who is responsible for the instruction, discipline and performance of the guards?
  6. How would you challenge people in a vehicle?
  7. What are the two words that the countersign consists of?
  8. What is the proper use of deadly force?
  9. At what position do you hold your rifle while challenging?
  10. What Field Manual covers Guard duty?
  11. What are the two different types of guard mountings?
  12. What is your chain of command as a guard?
  13. What type of guard is normally used to protect a unit in a tactical environment?
  14. What is F.O.D.?
  15. If you sleep on duty, what could your punishment be?
  16. What are two types of guard duty?
  17. What is the normal length of time for a field officer of the day?
  18. How long will a guard normally stay at his post?
  19. Who is normally in charge of establishing the special orders for guard posts?
  20. Does a guard salute indoors?
  21. When are guards not required to salute?
  22. What are three examples of exterior guard?
  23. What are the duties of a guard?
  24. What is a parole word?
  25. What do special orders define?
  26. What is supernumerary?

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