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  1. What Army Regulations covers the Army Physical Security Program ?
  2. Security lighting allows security personnel to maintain visual-assessment capability during darkness. When security-lighting provisions are impractical, what are needed ?
  3. What are the two primary concerns of Physical Security ?
  4. Define the objectives of the Physical Security Education Program.
  5. Describe standard Barbed wire.
  6. What are vulnerabilities ?
  7. Commander must ensure that appropriate physical-security measures are taken to minimize the loss of what ?
  8. What is the interval for placing warning signs for a limited area on or outside the limited area physical barrier ?
  9. What two major categories can protective barriers be divided into ?
  10. What is the purpose of the Army Physical Security Program ?
  11. How far from the point of entry of an installation should the signs located that indicate the conditions of entry onto that installation ?
  12. What are the four types of fencing that are authorized for the protection of restricted areas ?
  13. What are the three designations of restricted areas ?
  14. Protective barriers are designed to define what ?
  15. Name some challenges relative to Physical Security.
  16. An overall site-security system is comprised of what three major sub-elements ?
  17. _____ are the most acceptable and widely used security devices for protecting facilities, classified materials, and property.
  18. The detection subelement of the overall site-security system includes what ?
  19. What does a detailed physical plan include ?

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