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Total Questions:

  1. What manual covers Physical Fitness Training ?
  2. What are the three phases of physical conditioning ?
  3. About how long is the preparatory phase ?
  4. About how long is the conditioning phase ?
  5. What is a MFT ?
  6. What does FITT stand for ?
  7. What is Da Form 3349 ?
  8. What is the objective of physical fitness training ?
  9. What are the three periods of a normal daily exercise routine ?
  10. What are the commands to get a unit from a normal line formation into an extended rectangular formation ?
  11. What AR covers the Army Physical Fitness Program ?
  12. Soldiers 55 years of age or older have the option of taking the 3 event APFT or what ?
  13. What are the seven basic principles of exercise ?
  14. What are the three phases of fitness conditioning ?
  15. What are the five components of physical fitness ?
  16. How many scorers should be supplied for the APFT ?
  17. What is the DA form 705 ?
  18. Fitness tasks provide the framework for accomplishing all training requirements. The essential elements of fitness tasks can be cataloged into what four groups ?
  19. Name the two physical fitness formations ?

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