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Total Questions:

  1. What are the ten new strategic imperatives that the Army is introducing to provide the necessary focus to help guide how the Army organizes, trains and equips it's forces to ensure mastery of the full range of military operations and dominance in armed conflict ?
  2. The Army has two Strategic Objectives, what are they ?
  3. According to the Army Strategic Campaign Plan, what is our nation's highest priority ?
  4. Why are the Army Values and Warrior Ethos important ?
  5. Other than being well trained and equipped, recent experience has taught us that Soldiers must be also be what ?
  6. In addition to rigorous training in weapons and field craft, Soldiers also require training on what ?
  7. To ensure that Soldiers are trained and equipped to meet the challenges they will face, an initiative has been undertaken. What is the initiative that will help ensure Soldier's success by providing Soldier equipment designed to enhance protection and effectiveness in today's challenging environment ?
  8. What is supplemented by the critical capabilities that the DA civilian provides throughout all phases of a military campaign ?
  9. Who is responsible for winning wars and the Joint Force that fights them ?
  10. Who has the responsibility to provide the land power that will win the fight and set the conditions for enduring peace ?
  11. What does the term Joint Interdependence mean ?
  12. What does the speed, operational distances, and demands of modern combat operations require ?

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