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Total Questions:

  1. What is meant by performance oriented training ?
  2. What is the Army's number one priority ?
  3. The Army Time Management System is composed of what three phases ?
  4. Training is ______ we do, not ___________ we do.
  5. What is training ?
  6. What is the OPTEMPO of an organization ?
  7. What are the types of evaluations and their differences ?
  8. What does realistic training inspire ?
  9. To accomplish their training responsibility, list three of the six things that commanders must do.
  10. An AAR is not called what ?
  11. What is the goal of combat level training ?
  12. What are the three types of training plans ?
  13. Who is responsible for maintaining all assigned equipment in a high state of readiness in support of training or combat employment ?
  14. What does evaluation of training measure ?
  15. What does multiechelon training allow ?
  16. What is force integration ?
  17. What is battle focus and what does it do ?
  18. What does realistic training require ?
  19. What does AAR stand for and what does it provide ?
  20. What does the term METL stand for ?
  21. What are the codes used to rate task proficiency ?
  22. What are the five primary inputs to METL development ?
  23. Who stated, "The best form of welfare for the troops is first class training, for this saves unnecessary casualties" ?
  24. What does MILES stand for ?
  25. In regards to preparation for training, what do pre-execution checks cover ?
  26. List three of the seven things that training plans will do, if they are properly developed.
  27. What are the four parts that the AAR consists of ?
  28. Evaluation can be done in what ways. ?
  29. What ten objectives have to be accomplished by senior leaders to help ensure effective training ?
  30. What does well-structured training contain ?
  31. True or false. Safe training is the predictable result of performing to established tactical and technical standards.
  32. What is the key requirement for division and brigade commanders in regards to training resources ?
  33. What is ITEP ?
  34. ____________ is the range of proficiency within which a unit is capable of executing its wartime METL tasks.
  35. Are senior leaders supposed to make on the spot corrections, underwrite honest mistakes, and demand aggressive action to correct training deficiencies ?
  36. What are the principal source documents for training and evaluation outlines (T&EOs) ?
  37. List four (4) of the many sources of training feedback available to senior leaders.
  38. What are the three core domains that shape the critical learning experiences throughout a soldier's and leader's career ?
  39. Describe the Operational Domain.
  40. Describe the Institutional Domain.
  41. What is the one purpose of Army Training ?
  42. What is the definition of METL ?
  43. Why do commanders use a mix of Live, Virtual and Constructive (L-V-C) training ?
  44. What is the foundation of the training process ?
  45. What are the ten principles of training ?

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