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  1. What does the SOI provide ?
    The organization of stations into nets Assigns call signs Designates Net Control Stations (NCS) Assigns frequencies Changes to alternate frequencies Security Procedures to be used by Radio Operators

  2. What Field Manual covers Tactical Single-Channel Radio Communications Techniques ?
    FM 24-18

  3. What percent of slack should you allow when laying WD1 wire ?
    20 percent

  4. Which means of communication is least secure ?

  5. What are five methods of communication ?
    1. Radio
    2. Sound
    3. Visual
    4. Messenger
    5. Wire

  6. Which means of communication is most secure ?

  7. What is COMSEC ?
    COMmunications SECurity

  8. What is OPSEC ?
    OPerations SECurity

  9. List 5 factors that affect the range of radio equipment ?
    Weather Terrain Antenna Power Location

  10. What does NCS stand for ?
    Net Control Station

  11. What does MIJI stand for ?
    Meaconing, Intrusion, Jamming and Interference

  12. What is the range of a TA-1 field phone ?
    Approximately 3.7 miles using field wire

  13. How many volts are in a TA-1 field phone when squeezed ?
    100 volts

  14. What is the maximum effective distance of a TA-312 field phone in wet and dry climates ?
    Wet - 14 miles
    Dry -22 miles

  15. What does CB, LB, and CBS stand for on a TA-312 field phone ?
    CB-common battery
    LB-local battery
    CBS- common battery signaling

  16. BA30 batteries should be installed how, in a TA-312 field phone ?
    1 up 1 down

  17. What is WD-1 ?
    Communications field wire

  18. What does the "W" and "D" stand for in "WD-1" Wire ?
    Wire Drum

  19. How deep should you dig when laying WD1 wire under hard-packed dirt roads ?
    6 to 12 inches

  20. How deep should you dig WD1 wire in loose or sandy soil ?
    At least 3 feet

  21. How much WD1 wire is on a donut roll (MX306) ?
    1/2 mile

  22. How much WD1 wire is on a DR8 reel ?
    1/4 mile

  23. How far beyond each side of the road should wire be buried ?
    At least 2 ft

  24. WD1 wire must be how high above a road crossing ?
    At least 18 ft

  25. How much tape should you use when taping a splice ?
    At least 4 inches

  26. What device is used to enter FH (Frequency Hop) Data info into the SINCGARS ?
    A MX-10579 ECCM Fill Device

  27. What do the letters AN and PRC stand for ?
    Army/Navy and Portable Radio Communicator

  28. What is an AN/PRC-68 ?
    A type of Squad radio small unit transceiver

  29. What is the first thing you do before sending a radio message ?
    Listen to see if the Net is clear

  30. What does SINCGARS stand for ?
    SINgle Channel Ground/Airborne Radio System

  31. How much does the AN/PRC 77 weigh ?
    About 25 lbs

  32. What is the approximate range of the AN/PRC 77 ?
    5 to 8 KM

  33. How many channels does the AN/PRC 77 have ?

  34. What type of knot do you use when repairing WD1 wire ?
    A square knot

  35. Most infantry radios are _____ Modulated ?

  36. What does EPLRS Stand for ?
    Enhanced Position Location Reporting System


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