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  1. Can a three day pass be given during the normal duty week such as Tuesday through Thursday ?

  2. What is the difference between an accrued leave and an advanced leave ?
    Accrued leave is a leave earned and advanced leave is granted prior to actual accrual of leave time

  3. What is a DA Form 31 ?
    Request and authority for leave (A Leave Form)

  4. Is a pass a right or a privilege ?
    A pass is a individuals privilege (not a right) awarded to deserving soldiers by their commanders

  5. What is the Form DA Form 4179R ?
    Leave Control Log

  6. What does the term "terminal leave" mean ?
    Leave in conjunction with termination of service

  7. How many days are soldiers allowed to take leave after pregnancy and childbirth ?
    42 Days

  8. In reference to the last question: If a soldier voluntarily decides to return to work after less than 42 days of leave, what must happen ?
    A physician must approve

  9. What is the difference between an annual (ordinary) leave and a convalescent leave ?
    An annual is charged against a Soldier's leave account and a convalescent leave is not, because it is part of the treatment prescribed.

  10. Can a pass be taken in conjunction with a leave ?

  11. Is administrative absence chargeable as leave ?

  12. What is the maximum number of days which may be taken for a "Reenlistment Leave" ?
    90 days, provided advance leave does exceed 30 days

  13. When is, or for what reason is, an administrative absence authorized ?
    To attend or participate in activities of semi-official nature to the benefit of the Department of the Army (DA)

  14. Can a four day pass be obtained during the week such as Monday through Thursday ?
    No. A four day pass must include two non-duty days

  15. When is emergency leave authorized ?
    Emergency leave is granted to soldiers for an emergency within his immediate family

  16. Is emergency leave a nonchargeable leave ?
    No, emergency leave is a chargeable leave granted for a personal or family emergency requiring the soldier's presence.

  17. Who pays for emergency leave air transportation ?
    The soldier's commander pays IAW Army budget procedures.

  18. Is emergency leave transportation authorized to the soldier's emergency location ?
    No, emergency leave is authorized to the first Aerial Port of Debarkation (APOD) closest to the emergency location

  19. Who is the approval authority for PTDY ?
    The installation or equivalent commander is the approval authority for PTDY

  20. Is a Soldier authorized PTDY under the Transitional Assistance Program at Permanent Change of Station (PCS) ?
    No, soldiers being reassigned because of PCS are authorized 10 days PTDY (IAW AR 600-8-10, Chapter 5, paragraph 5-32f.)

  21. Can PTDY be taken in combination with ordinary leave ?
    No, soldiers may not use PTDY in combination with ordinary leave. The soldier must complete a duty day between the two periods of leave.


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