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Study Guide › Supply Economy

  1. Who is responsible for Supply Economy ?
    All individuals who deal with Army supplies

  2. What is a Report of Survey ?
    A document/investigation for recording the circumstances concerning the loss, damage, or destruction of Army property

  3. If you lose or damage a piece of equipment and are required to pay for it, what is the action taken ?
    Statement of Charges

  4. What are Expendable Supplies ?
    Supplies that are expended in one use i.e. (paint, paper, fuel, etc.)

  5. What is the purpose of the Army Clothing Allowance ?
    To replace initial issue items that become unserviceable

  6. How long must a soldier be in the Army to receive a clothing allowance ?
    At least 6 months

  7. When does a soldier receive clothing allowance ?
    On the anniversary month he/she entered the Army every year

  8. What is a Gratuitous Issue ?
    Replacement of clothing items that are lost, damaged, destroyed, or otherwise rendered useless due to no fault of the individual and at no cost

  9. When initiating a "Report of Survey", what is the time constraint ?
    Within 15 calendar days after the discovery of the discrepancy

  10. What publication addresses the proper fit of Army uniforms and footwear ?
    TM 10-227 (Fitting of Army Uniforms and Footwear, 30 Dec 2000)

  11. When you sign a hand receipt, what does your signature establish ?
    Direct responsibility of the equipment

  12. Before signing a hand receipt what should you do ?
    Inspect the equipment for accountability and serviceability

  13. How many classes of supplies are there ?

  14. What are some of the classes ?
    Class I= Rations
    Class II= Clothing and Equipment
    Class III= Fuels and Lubricants
    Class IV= Fortification Material
    Class V= Ammunition and explosives
    Class VI= Personal Items
    Class VII= Major End Items
    Class VIII= Medical Supplies, Minimal Amounts
    Class IX= Repair Parts
    Class X= Miscellaneous Supplies

  15. What is the form number for a permanent Hand-Receipt ?
    DA Form 2062

  16. How many days does it take to initiate a report of survey ?
    5 days

  17. Name four ways you can be relieved from accountability of property ?
    Report of Survey, Statement of Charges, Cash collection voucher, Turn-In

  18. What is a DA Form 4697 ?
    Report of Survey


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